Harbour Operators


You are running a marina or harbour and you ask yourself how to profit by marina-guide.net? There are several opportunities:

  1. Your harbour is not listed yet in this catalog. Let us know and we will add your marina to our list?
    Please contact us via email (info(at)marina-guide.de). We will get in touch with you soon, to get collect the necessary data.
    The price for adding your marina to our database is 50,00 € (incl. taxes) one time.
  2. You want to stay informed about new comments and photos about your marina on this portal?
    In this case we offer an information service. The cost of this service is 10,00 + taxes per year. If you have choosen this service, we will inform you via email about all new comments and pictures of your harbour.
    To be added to this service, please send an email with your mail address and a delivery address for the invoice. Please don’t forget to tell us the harbour you want to be informed about. Our contact address is info(at)marina-guide.de.
  3. You want to advertise on marina-guide.net?
    Please check the detailled information regarding this on the page “Advertise on Marina-Guide.net”..
  4. You want to receive general updates about marina-guide?
    For that we offer a newsletter service. The newsletter will be send approximatelly once a month. To be added to our newsletter list please check this link: Marina-Guide Newsletter.